It’s been a long 24 hours of assigning blame since the Redskins dropped to 3-6 with the loss to the Panthers. Fred Smoot called in to chat with Holden and Danny on 106.7 today and offered his solution, which is to start with the team’s defensive coordinator.

“If you fire [Jim] Haslett, you send a message,” he said. “You don’t haven’t to go around and tell guys that now we’re going to start to look at young guys. Why would you look at young guys when you’re already playing them all? You’ve got so many people that are hurt. You should have been doing evaluations. You should have been looking for guys to fill certain slots. So, now I think that’s irrelevant and I think [Shanahan] went a bad way of doing it. I think that speech, he lost a lot of players yesterday.”

Smoot was also at least the second ex-Redskin today to take a random shot at Gibbs, calling the former coach “outdated.” I guess it’s just a big whirlpool of awful, and everyone’s going down. 

“The thing that I think, is that Shanahan is not into coaching right now,” Smoot said. “We went and got another coach that’s kinda outdated. Same thing that happened with Coach Gibbs, he was just outdated. Very good coaches, it’s just the game has passed them.”

So which young whippersnapper of a coach does Smoot think should succeed Shanahan? 

“That’s why I’m looking at an Andy Reid,” Smoot said. “Think about what you’ve got with an Andy Reid combination with RGIII. He’s actually going to get to play quarterback with a coach like that. Not running back, not receiver, not doing all this stuff. He will get to play quarterback.”

Yeah, about that whirlpool. 


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