The biggest story coming out of Sunday’s postgame was, by several miles, Mike Shanahan’s “time to evaluate players” comment.

“It’s disrespectful to people like London Fletcher, Lorenzo Alexander, Kedric Golston, Chris Cooley and any other person affiliated with the organization before you got here,”  Mike Wise wrote.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a coach talk about evaluating players and finding out who is going to be on your team for years to come at this point in the season,” John Keim wrote.

“This is just something good coaches — or ones who fear for their paycheck — do NOT do with 7 games left in the season,” Steve Czaban wrote.

And if that brand of media critic isn’t your style, check out this dialog from NBC’s “Football Night in America” broadcast.

“Would you ever say that as a coach nine games in?” Dan Patrick asked Tony Dungy.

“I would not,” Dungy said. “We’re still battling. We’ve got a chance. The Denver Broncos were 1-4 last year and made the playoffs. I would never tell my team that.”

“If you told me that, I would look at you and say, ‘Coach, we have seven games left. Why are you giving up on us?’ ” Rodney Harrison agreed. “Even if you look at our division, with the Cowboys, the Eagles, they’re not very good. The Giants may be the best team in our division. But we still have a chance.”

“Surprising though, surprising after nine games to say that,” Patrick concluded. “And you’ve got a bye week. Imagine that Washington media eating that alive.”

Yes. I imagine that too.



* Jason Reid on the takeaway: “In the most important area, the Redskins are still moving in the wrong direction.”

* Players talk about Shanahan’s postgame comments.

* Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza are both having some adjustment issues in D.C.

* MLS and the Red Bulls agreed to provide free tickets to 500 United supporters. United is paying for at least nine buses to New Jersey.



Joel Ward isn’t leaving much doubt about his political preferences.



Clinton Portis, on being a part of the Redskins’s homecoming festivities:

“ You really can’t come up with words to help people understand how priceless, or how special this moment is. This is stuff you never think about. People think about the Super Bowl rings, and want to be an All-Pro and all the accolades. But when you sit back and analyze it for real, it’s a part that you always forget. But when you’re involved in an alumni like this and so much history, it’s awesome.”



Tifo from supporters at Saturday’s D.C. United playoff opener.

By Matt Mathai.



The Eagles are at the Saints at 8:30 on ESPN. We’re close to the “have fun rooting against NFC East rivals” point of the season. All TV/Radio listings are here.



Ted Leonsis on the home-opening loss to the Celtics: “We didn’t close the game out – and I don’t believe in morale victories – so we are simply 0 and 2 to start the season. I saw lots of good things last night as did our fans. But we want results and we must continue to improve and do the little things that can change the outcome of games.”



Jan Vesely likes sushi and fast basketball, talks about having his fiancee with him in D.C. “When I was coming back from the trip to an empty apartment at midnight, it was such a sad feeling. Now that I know she’s waiting for me at home, it’s more cheerful.”

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