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“Dunno how you’d look this up, but you’re the only one who would,” a reader wrote to me on Sunday. “I think the Redskins have the worst NFL throwback uni record.”

Do they? I have no idea. I asked Paul from Uni Watch, and he neither keeps track of this stuff nor knows of anyone who does. What I can say is this: Every time the Redskins lose in throwback uniforms, some fans likely blame the threads.

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“I think the stupid throwback uniforms were a jinx,” a fan wrote in September of 2007, the last time the Skins wore throwbacks, seen here.

“I LOVED the throwback uniforms,” Michael Wilbon responded. “LOVED them….Most teams, Redskins included, had better uniforms 25 years ago than they do now. The Packers, Giants, Jets, Bears, Cowboys, Browns, Raiders and a couple of others are essentially the same. But the Redskins looked like the team I watched when I was growing up. What they wear now is so boring compared to what they wore yesterday, or those deep burgundy throwbacks they wore back in the early 1990s when this stuff became the craze. The Chargers and Redskins, more than perhaps any other teams, should simply go back to what they used to do.”

The fashion reviews that time around were mixed.

“The Redskins looked more like the Green Bay Packers in their 1970-71 throwback uniforms, complete with bright yellow pants,” the AP’s Joseph White wrote.

“The Redskins marked their 75th anniversary by wearing throwback uniforms that included yellow helmets and pants,” The Post reported. “The helmets had one red stripe down the middle, and the logo featured a red R with a white background encircled in red with two dangling feathers. The jerseys were white with burgundy numbers and lettering.”

The Redskins lost that game at home to the Giants, 24-17.

(John McDonnell / The Washington Post)

Before that, I believe the last time the Skins were throwbacks was in November of 2003, during Steve Spurrier’s final year.

“Yesterday, the Redskins wore throwback uniforms, trying to change their luck by changing their look,” Boz wrote then. “Ironically, they picked the uniforms that the team wore from ’65 to ’69. Yes, the Otto Graham period when offense was the gospel, but a downward spiral of infuriating narrow defeats became the rule. History may not always repeat itself, but it sure tends to rhyme.”

The Skins lost that game at home to the Saints, 24-20.

In 2002, Dan Snyder and Spurrier used throwbacks for an entire home campaign, which ended with a 5-3 mark.

“If we’re pretty successful, Dan,” Spurrier said before the season, “we may have to wear it some more.”

And in 1994, the Redskins used 1937 throwbacks three times, commemorating the NFL’s 75th season celebration. They lost to the Giants in white and lost to Atlanta in burgundy, while beating the Colts in white.

That makes a combined record of 6-8 in throwback apparel since 1994, although three straight losses is a real mustard stain.