As is the case with many workplace conversations during an election year, the chatter in the Redskins locker room occasionally turns to politics. A few of the players shared their own political thoughts with the Washington Times recently.

“It’s good that you see guys that actually broaden their mind and aren’t just worried about football and sports,” defensive end Stephen Bowen told the Times. “They’re actually worried about things going on in the world.”

According to the Times, Lorenzo Alexander, Chris Chester and Kedric Golson are among Bowen’s teammates who participate in such conversations, but fullback Darrel Young prefers to just observe. 

“I’d rather keep my mouth shut and just kind of hear about different people talking about the point of views that Obama vs. Romney have,” Young said. “You’ll never win politics arguments. There’s always two sides to an argument, which is everything, but I just feel like stuff like this, I don’t know half of what’s going on, to be honest with you.”

If you believe in trends that have nothing to do with anything, there’s always the Redskins Rule, which apparently dictates who will win the presidency based on whether or not the team wins their last home game before the election. And then there’s the contradictory World Series Rule. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to my sports being politics-free again. 

Redskins blog put together a video of players encouraging fans to get out and vote tomorrow. As RGIII says, every vote counts. Unless you believe in the Redskins Rule, in which case don’t bother.