Bradley Beal is the only rookie on this year’s Wizards squad, so he’s going to bear the brunt of rookie hazing all season long. Most of it is lighthearted, such as this moment captured on video during training camp. 

“As far as what I see on the courts, I think he’s going to be a special player,” says Emeka Okafor in the video, talking about Beal. “Off the court, it’s making him aware that he’s a rookie and that he has to go through rookie things.”

The video cuts to a player Q&A session during camp, where Beal ends up in a awkward situation in front of the fans in attendance. 

Ariza to Beal: Do you want to tie my shoe?

Beal: It’s already tied.

Ariza: Then, untie it.

The innocent hazing happens at the 2:30 mark, and Beal was a good sport about the whole thing. 

“It’s something all rookies have to go through,” said Beal, who later called the incident embarrassing. “I’m just not gonna just be disrespectful and say no, but I’m just gonna have fun and enjoy the whole process.”

Last year’s rookies had to sing karaoke, so Beal has lucked out so far.