Bridget Griffith (9) Lucy Thomas (9), Evan Thomas (7), and Maya Griffith (12) all have Natitude. (By Sarah Kogod.)


On Oct. 19, I posted an update about the Nats and their pending ticket refunds for unplayed NLCS games. A spokesman told me then that the refunds would take roughly 7-14 business days to process.

Since then, I’ve continued to receive queries from fans, many angry at the length of time it was taking to get their refunds. So here’s another update.

A Nats spokeswoman told me Tuesday that all the refunds were processed via by last Thursday evening, Nov. 1. The information was then sent along to the appropriate financial institutions. Some fans I’ve heard from had seen the refunds by Monday morning; others still hadn’t by Tuesday afternoon. This apparently is based on the amount of time it takes individual banks to post the refunds. The process is out of the team’s hands at this point.

“Thank you for your patience & support as Postseason refunds took longer than anticipated,” the team tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “All were processed by by 11/1.”

If you still have questions about the process, you can contact the Nats at, or by dialing 675-NATS (option 1, option 1) or 675-NATS (option 1, option 2).

By way of comparison, I contacted the Orioles, since some fans told me they received their O’s ALCS refunds days ago. You’ll recall that the Orioles’ season ended on Oct. 12, the same day as the Nats. The Orioles use Ticketmaster, rather than

In any case, I was told that anyone who purchased individual tickets to unplayed Orioles postseason games received their refunds about 10-14 days ago. Season planholders who paid for a full strip of playoff tickets have until this Friday to request a refund for unplayed games, instead of rolling the money over toward future payments. Such requests will be fulfilled within two-to-three business days.