Jeremy Hyman/Washington Wizards

Justin Bieber stopped by Wizards practice yesterday and met up with John Wall while cruising the halls on his Segway (someone who saw them yesterday said Bieber’s whole crew had Segways). 

“He was cool,” Wall told me. “I had already knew his [bodyguard], Kenny Hamilton, and I met Justin when we went to the Ludacris [celebrity] game and played. So I kind of already knew him, but never really hung out with him. So it was cool to say what’s up. I heard he had a great show.”

Martell Webster told reporters yesterday that his daughter was going to that show, but made it clear that his wife would be the one escorting her. 

“I said what up to him. I definitely respect him as an artist,” Webster told reporters. “I respect what he does, so I said, ‘Hi.’ My daughter has Bieber fever. I don’t.”

Jordan Crawford also took notice of the Beibs and his wow factor, but for different reasons. From Michael Lee’s story:

Crawford isn’t a fan of Bieber or his music, but couldn’t help but ignore his celebrity as he drove to practice and pre-teen girls surrounded the arena holding signs and screaming.

“He’s a popular guy,” Crawford said. “I seen all the little girls in there waiting on him before practice. So, you know, it’s definitely here.”

When asked if he was sure if the fans weren’t waiting for him, Crawford had a long laugh before saying, “Nah. Not them young ones.”

Smart man.