The Redskins are teaming with LivingSocial to offer a holiday family photo shoot at FedEx Field for the low low price of just $99. That’s a $199 value!

The package includes a professional photo for a family of up to six people — on the field where the Redskins have lost 15 of their previous 20 games — plus a 10 percent discount at the Hall of Fame Store. Which is all fine, if you’re able to separate on-field mediocrity and a consistently poorly-rated stadium experience from the actual field and building that will be offering season’s cheer to your loved ones.

The part that weirds me out, though, is the promise of a “behind-the-scenes tour of FedEx Field, including the Sean Taylor Locker.” There’s something more than a little unseemly maudlin — to me, anyhow — about trying to market a discount family photo package with the promise of seeing a dead man’s locker.

And yes, I realize that Taylor means a great deal to a great number of fans. Which is fine. So let them see his locker. Don’t ask them to pay for the privilege, while hawking them photo packages.

Anyhoo, “Practice your best pose,” the ad advises fans. “Your picture will be taken by pro photographers in the end-zone in front of the scoreboard (and rumor has it, there will be a holiday message written on the board).”

Oh, and it’s “a self-led tour of the stadium.” Hope you’re a good tour guide. As the ad notes, “that’s what we call a touchdown of a deal.”