By Richard Lipski/Associated Press.

During his Monday press conference, Mike Shanahan twice asked reporters to call him, maybe, before they ran with stories based on his comments in the future. (See fuller transcript here.)

“If something does come up like that, I’d appreciate before somebody kind of goes into their opinion of that, if you guys would ever give me a call,” Shanahan said first. “If you’re gonna write something, especially that strong, I’d appreciate at least a text or at least a chance to return a phone call to explain.”

“The only thing I was disappointed, that if I’ve got somewhat of a relationship with somebody, then at least give me the courtesy to say hey, what did you mean by this, instead of just going one direction,” he said later. “I was never contacted by anybody last evening.”

Obviously, this demanded some sort of ‘Call Me, Maybe’ mash-up, and the Junkies quickly complied.