Hey, it’s election day. Forgive me.

The NFL Network ran a long piece about Robert Griffin III, politics, D.C. and the Redskins Sunday morning. (Watch it here.) No, this wasn’t silliness about the Redskins Rule. It was Beltway insiders attempting to explain to the rest of the country that the quarterback of the home team runs this place.

“This is a Redskins town more than it is an Obama town, a Romney town,” Chuck Todd said. “The star player of the Washington Redskins is the one who owns this town.”

“This is a political town, winners and losers,” Andrea Mitchell said. “If you are a winner, you have the love of the Beltway….The guys want to follow him; they respect him, they respect his hard work.”

“The great quarterbacks are the ones who obviously are physical, and can play the game, but also have that mental ability to convey leadership on the field, with the media, to send that signal that fans love, that children rally to, make them say when I grow up. I want to be like…,” Ari Fleischer said. “And RGIII has all the possibilities of doing that in Washington.”

“You have to show that you love Washington,” my colleague Chris Cillizza said. “This town wants to be loved. If you love them, they will love you in return. He’s smart about that.”

“RGIII would have an advantage over any political figure in Washington, D.C.,” Heath Shuler said.

“Right now the 22-year old me has no interest in politics, as far as running for election or anything of that nature,” Griffin told the network. “But it’s something that could happen later down the line.”

Don’t worry, everyone. Just a few more hours.



* Mike Shanahan said his words were taken out of context.

* Tracee Hamilton turns the spotlight on the offices: “If these players are performing so poorly, let’s ask ourselves: Where did they come from? Did the Redskins pick names out of a hat? Were they dropped off at the gates to Redskins Park in the dead of night?”

* Trevor Ariza says it’s never taken him so long to adjust to a new team.

* Final Four or bust for the Terps women’s team.



RGIII, on the road ahead:

“ Right now we are in must-win territory. Even this last game was a must-win, and we didn’t win it. The rest of the league is definitely helping us out by giving the rest of the NFC East teams some losses. So we have to win out, and if we win out we have a really good chance to make the playoffs.”



Whoa! Express! Bold!



Hahaha just kidding everyone.



There are some weird sports options, but let’s be honest, you’ll be hooked on the politics. All TV/Radio listings are here.



New rule: every game for every team in every sport is a must-win. And if you lose, your season ends and you quit your profession and start a waffle shop. Oh, and Martell Webster said this about the Wiz’s upcoming game in Boston: “It’s a must-win for us.” Not to quibble, but it’s really not. Because if you lose in Boston, and then win 79 straight and finish 79-3, you’ll almost definitely make the playoffs.



The Diamondback’s Josh Vitale, on Maryland’s glut of torn ligaments: “Conspiracy theorists flooded message boards with crackpot ideas ranging from the existence of an “Angry Maryland Quarterback-Hating God” to a change in the gravitational pull around College Park. Some even suggested Edsall hadn’t mentally prepared his team well enough to avoid injuries.”

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