Because every D.C. sports team is required to have super fans from the Beltway political media world, the Wizards have a major super fan in Wolf Blitzer. This isn’t news, of course, but Blitzer has seemed to be more vocal about his Wizards fandom in recent seasons.

“Why on earth do I see you and John King at so many Wizards games?” David Aldridge asked Blitzer on NBA TV this week. “Where did that fandom come from?”

“He’s a great basketball fan, I’m a great basketball fan, he has season tickets, I have season tickets,” Blitzer explained. “And we both have fallen in love with the Washington Wizards, even though we’ve had some bad times — as you well know — over these past few years.

“I was at the game Saturday night against the Boston Celtics, and we were really bad in the first quarter,” Blitzer continued. “We came back, and in the final minute – I don’t know if you guys were watching – but in the final minute or two we not only came back and tied it up; we were up at one point. And obviously we lost in the end. But it was heartbreaking, because I do love the Wizards and I’m a great fan.

“And I’ve got to tell you, John King is as well. Although when the Wizards play his Boston Celtics, he’s like Switzerland, he’s got to be neutral, because he grew up in Boston. I grew up in Buffalo. We used to have an NBA team in Buffalo, but that was a long, long time ago.”