I knew that Kevin Seraphin had a large tattoo on his back. But I wasn’t sure what it meant, so last week I finally asked him. Which is how I learned that this elaborate design was actually the first (and only) tattoo of his life.

“The tattoo guy was like, seriously?” Seraphin told me. “You know what you’re doing? For your first tattoo, a big one like that? I was like yeah.”

Seraphin said the tattoo, which he got last year, took about five hours to complete. He was clamping down on something in his mouth to help handle the pain. It cost $800. And it impressed several teammates, including Trevor Booker and Hamady N’Diaye.

“When I say at first to Booker and H, I told them I would make a tattoo, they were like no, you don’t want to,” Seraphin said. “I was like for real, I will make one. And when I came with the tattoo, they were like wowwww.”

As for the meaning, it’s not particularly obscure.

“My name,” he explained. “You know Seraphin, the big angel with six wings? Go on the internet. The angel Seraphin, you will see, he’s got six wings. And I got a cross because I believe in God. The name is the name of the angel and my name. And I’ve got my birthday.”

The feather at the bottom dropped off one of the wings, but Seraphin didn’t assign particular meaning to it.

I’m not much of an expert on angels, but Merriam-Webster defines Seraphim as “one of the 6-winged angels standing in the presence of God.” That site further explains that in the “traditional hierarchy of angels” they are “ranked from lowest to highest into the following nine orders: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.”

(Images via Seraphin’s Twitter account.)