By Katherine Frey/The Washington Post


We’re still learning about Wizards rookie Bradley Beal, and what better way to get more acquainted than with a round of Last Thing? Beal talks about rookie pranks and the last time he cried. Hint: he hates losing just as much as anyone.  

Bradley Beal, what was the last…

Movie you saw
“Taken 2.” It was pretty good. It was too short, though. You already knew what was going to happen.

Book you read
To Kill A Mockingbird. That’s probably my favorite book, too.

Thing you cooked
Spaghetti, the other day.

Song you downloaded
Meek Mill’s album.

Vacation you went on
I guess when I went back to Florida this past summer.

Person who made you laugh
A.J. Price. It was, you know those funny pictures that have captions on them? It was one of those.

Thing you took a picture of
A Car. A Porsche Panamera

Time you cried
I cried the other day. It was after the game, I was upset. I was at home.

Time you bled
This was during preseason [points to a healing wound on his hand]. A.J. did this, actually.

Gift you got
A watch from my mom.

Purchase over $200
I bought a couple of pairs of shoes the other day.

Website you visited

Prank you pulled
The team pulled one on me. I ran out of the locker room and the team left me. They always do that to the rookies. I was the only one who ran out, they stayed. So I looked dumb. I played it off, though. I just dribbled.


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