Since reporters first got a look at Robert Griffin III’s Redskins Park locker — filled as it was with action figures and motivational sayings and G.I. Joe — the public (or the Washington Post’s stay-at-home bloggers, at least) have been curious for a look. The Redskins said no visuals, though, so that look has never happened.

Which is why this NFL Network piece from “The Season” was so interesting. It sure seemed to be offering the public a first look at the treasures contained inside the quarterback’s cubby.

Problem is, this isn’t RGIII’s locker. I don’t know what this is or where it’s located. But this isn’t FedEx Field, and it isn’t Redskins Park.

The dialog throughout this bit was also fairly trippy; it’s transcribed below, for your reading weirdness.

“Like professional football, superheroes are a decidedly modern phenomenon,” the narrator says. “In the 21st century, we see, in a game, a reflection of ourselves. And we see in characters conceived by the imagination the embodiments of who we might like to be…if only we could.

“And then in this game, along comes a player offering glimpses of our fantasies, visions of the impossible. For a star whose skills seem futuristic, Robert Griffin III has a name that conjures historic times. In just half a season in Washington D.C., he’s revived a franchise single-handedly Football looks different when he plays it — limits seem to go by the wayside, and RGIII turns into a living, breathing, leaping, racing, throwing, life-sized version of the figurines that decorate his space in the Redskins’ locker room. He turns into a superhero.

“He owns about a thousand of them in all, as part of an interest, even an obsession, dating back to his childhood, and he set a few of them on display as soon as he reported to training camp. When he’s asked about them, his answer is simple: ‘I don’t picture myself as a normal person when I play football. You want to feel like you’re super out there. I like to think I can do things normal people can’t.'”

For the record, below are images of RGIII’s locker at FedEx Field (via the team’s Facebook page) and a typical locker at Redskins Park.



Lockers of Redskins who are not RGIII