Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Wizards lost, 100-94, in overtime last night to the Celtics, but this game-tying dunk by Chris Singleton to send them into extra time had fans — and Kevin Garnett — paying attention. 

“I saw KG under the basket and I had him before in the fourth quarter and I went in and missed the layup. That was like, ‘I got to go in there harder.’ I made the move and finished the play,” Singleton explained to Michael Lee. “It feels good and we should’ve had that. If we didn’t have those turnovers at end, [Celtics fans] should’ve been [quiet] the whole fourth quarter and overtime.” 

Garnett showed his frustration in a very weird and profanity-laced postgame interview. Celtics fans were also not happy, if this tweet from Lee is any indication. 


 That’s what they call a moral victory. 

Here’s that dunk: