D.C. United’s dramatic, emotional win over the Red Bulls Thursday night led to a bunch of enthusiastic celebrations from players and fans.

Then there was Bill Hamid. Sent off midway through the second half after taking down Kenny Cooper, the United goalie had one of the most guttural and fantastic post-game celebrations you’ll ever see, in any sport.

“CMONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!” he yelled, shirtless, pounding his chest, somewhere in the bowels of Red Bull Arena. (CSN video below.)

“CMONNNNNN!!!!!!!” he continued. “You can’t hold us back!!! CMONNNN!!!!!.”

“They can’t hold us back,” he told reporters in the locker room. “That is it. They can’t hold us back. That’s all I got to say. Thank you very much.”

Now if he had only done that in the snow.