Hundreds of D.C. United fans went to New Jersey and back on Wednesday evening without seeing any soccer. A somewhat smaller group — still numbering in the hundreds — did the same thing on Thursday, and they actually saw soccer.

United officials, of course, repeatedly saluted their loonies for such dedication.

“I’m not sure people understand what these fans do, on a midweek game in particular,” United President Kevin Payne said after the snow-out. “With a late game, you’re talking about really two days. They are lying at work, they are making up excuses, they are begging for days off and now we are asking them to do it again? It’s pretty tough.”

“This organization has been through some tough years and these fans have suffered,” Ben Olsen said after Thursday’s game. “They were here yesterday and then today. They are probably booking tickets to Houston. I don’t think they will ever work again. Some of them are going to get fired.”

Well, if they’re not lying at work and not getting fired, and they want to see more soccer on Friday night, the University of Maryland has them covered. In a gesture of soccer solidarity, the Terps announced Thursday night that they would knock $5 off the ticket price for Friday’s ACC tournament semifinal against Clemson at the Maryland SoccerPlex for any United fan who was snowed out on Wednesday. (Just show the ticket stub at the gate.)

(Tickets to both semifinals are $15 for adults, $10 for children up to 17, and $5 for ACC students.)

“We feel we have the best fans in college soccer, and geographically, we share a ton of fans with D.C. United,” a Maryland athletics spokeswoman explained. “We’d love to see these dedicated fans head out to watch the top conference tournament in the country Friday, and are excited to reward their commitment. The weather promises to be much nicer, and even though I-270 can be challenging on a Friday, it will not take as long as a trip to New Jersey!”

Well done, Terps. Also, here is their Dodge Dart-inspired ACC tourney preview.