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In a much-publicized Twitter exchange last month, Robert Griffin III, Bryce Harper and John Wall all wrote brief messages to each other about socks. This was probably the best thing that’s happened in Washington pro sports over the past month. Been a rough month.

Anyhow, with Harper now on a post-Rookie-of-the-Year media tour, Danny Rouhier and Holden Kushner asked the outfielder about this budding D.C. sports triumvirate. Well, mostly just about RGIII.

“I respect that kid, man,” Harper said. “He is unbelievable. He’s a great ballplayer. Gol-ly. He’s something special to watch, that’s for sure. It’s a lot of fun to see him play and have the Redskins succeed and really bring that to D.C. sports. I think D.C. loves having winners, and RGIII’s a winner, that’s absolutely true. And John Wall’s the same way….

“It’s just fun to see that all D.C. sports are really going in the right direction,” he continued. “The Capitals have always been winners with Ovechkin and everybody. It’s just exciting to see.”

As for the RGIII-themed socks, Harper said it actually took him two hours in Vegas traffic to acquire them and return home. Why not just wait for Adidas to mail some hosiery?

“I just didn’t want to wait,” Harper said. “I told him don’t worry about it. He’s busy doing his thing, and I understand that… He wants to win, and that’s  the best thing about him.”

As for what Harper will work on during the offseason, well, everything, basically. He said he especially loves being in the gym.

“When I’m working out here, I’m gonna lift a lot and try to get as big as I can,” he said, “Try to get faster, really work on my speed, strength, all that kind of stuff… The biggest thing I want to do is try to steal more bags next year.”

And Harper went into great length about his admiration and appreciation of Jayson Werth.

“When he tells me, hey, you look dumb out there,” Harper said, “I respect that.”

(This is a non-taped rush transcript, and will be updated later.)



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