Say this for Bono: he knows his audience.

The musician visited Georgetown this week, and delivered a passionate and lengthy speech about change, activism, and his ONE campaign to fight international poverty and disease. (Read the full transcript here.)

But before he got into the meaty stuff, there were jokes, including this brief riff on the end of the U.S. election season.

“You are finally free from the tyranny of negative advertising, from both sides,” he began. “Those attack ads, could you bear any more of it by the end? Can you imagine what it’d be like if we did this for everything, all the time? Attack ads about TV shows, rival smart phone companies….college admissions.

HELLO WE’RE GEORGETOWN AND WE APPROVED THIS MESSAGE,” he then said, in a sinister, attack-ad sort of way.

Let me say a few words about some other fine schools you might be considering. UVA, Thomas Jefferson, what have they done for you? Syracuse, a school whose mascot is a fruit. Duke, a school that worships the devil.

“At Georgetown, you’re in with the other guy. Georgetown has God on its side. Everyone knows God is a Catholic, right? Two words, Frank Sinatra, that proves it.”

Ok, he sort of lost his audience by the end, but the Syracuse line was a real winner. Plus, it’s not really an attack ad if it’s true.

That was hardly the only personalized touch of the speech.

“I will, of course, be dropping the odd cultural reference to give the impression that I know where your generation is at,” Bono also said. “I do not. I don’t even know where I am at….The first existential question of this class might be, what am I doing in Healy Hall? I could be down having my third pint down at The Tombs?”