Not a lot to say here that the image doesn’t convey. New Steelers starting quarterback Byron Leftwich — whose D.C. connections were well publicized via several Michael Wilbon columns — addressed the media on Wednesday while wearing a Curly W.

Via Wilbon:

As a kid, his family members would sometimes turn off the TV rather than deal with the anxiety of watching Mark Moseley attempt a game-winning field goal. Leftwich would sneak into RFK Stadium to see his heroes. There was a guy, an usher, who would say, “If you run through the fence I can’t chase you because I have to stay here.” So Leftwich would run through the fence into the biggest crowd to disappear. The first time was against the Cowboys, and while he doesn’t remember the year or exactly how old he was, he recalls it being terribly cold and the feeling of the stands shaking, “like bleachers at a basketball game.”

As for this week’s display, maybe he’s super excited about the Cy Young Award show.