Back when I used to go to Maryland basketball games, postgame player interviews were conducted inside the team’s locker room. It was a fine locker room, as locker rooms go, but not particularly remarkable. Certainly not worthy of a news station tour.

Then media stopped being invited into the locker room — “reporters haven’t been allowed in there since the last couple of years under Gary Williams,” Don Markus recently wrote. And then Mark Turgeon arrived, and renovated the heck out of the place. And now, it’s worthy of a news station tour, which is why NBC Washington’s Carol Maloney recently went through the facilities with Turgeon. The video is below; here are a bunch of screenshots. All quotes from Turgeon. I decided not to screenshot the one with the iPad passwords.

“This is our Maryland basketball legends hallway. This used to be cinderblock and red carpet, and we’ve added the drywall and, of course, all the great players.”

“To get on this wall, you had to be first team all-ACC.”

“This is our work room. This is where we watch our film. Of course, I don’t know how to do the button, but a screen comes down.”

“You look out through the building, we talk about championship preparation, a tradition of excellence, a tradition of winning.”

“Everybody we recruit thinks they’re going to the NBA; they know they can get there from Maryland. To me, it’s just big-time basketball.”

“So here’s our locker room. “

“You walk in, you see the state flag and then you see the new M.”

“This is all brand new. Brand-new lockers, brand-new carpet.”

“[The mounted iPads], that’s a huge thing. That’s big.”

The only thing you have to wonder is where all the money comes for luxurious digs like….Oh.