Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post

Before the Michigan State-Nebraska matchup on November 3, Michigan State man Kirk Cousins and Nebraska alum DeJon Gomes made a bet. The ex-player of the losing school would have to sport the winning university’s gear.

Nebraska walked away with a 28-24 victory, and Cousins had to pay up.

“I thought I only had to wear it for one day,” said Cousins, who is honoring his wager this week. “But apparently it’s all week.”

Gomes, who supplied the shirt in the photo above, gets to decide when Cousins has satisfied his obligation.

“He can take it off Friday-ish,” the Redskins safety told me. “But I think by then, he’ll probably like it and ask me for some more stuff.”

The Redskins locker room isn’t lacking in Nebraska support. Gomes’s college roommate Niles Paul, Roy Helu and Adam Carriker are all Huskers.

“Just to see him sport the Big Red means everything to me,” Paul said with a smile. “A lot of people don’t know where Nebraska is, believe it or not. To see him out there giving a shoutout is great. Now that Carriker and Roy haven’t been around, me and D.J. have been anchoring the Big Red.”

Paul wasn’t a part of the bet, but Gomes told me that if he had lost, he would have made his teammate sport Michigan State gear with him.

“I would have worn it with him,” Paul said. “One unit.”

As for Cousins, he’s willing to look at the silver lining in all of this.

“It’s all in fun,” the notoriously frugal rookie said. “And if I get a free t-shirt out of it, then I win.”