One thing I have never done in my life: get a movie from Redbox. I don’t get it.

I understand the library; they’re free, and you can grab all the Bourne movies at once while your kid looks through the collected works of Marc Brown, even though most of the Bourne movies will turn out to be scratched. Still, I’ve gotten many more movies from the D.C. public library system than I have from Redbox. Plus, there’s Netflix, and On Demand, and if you’re really really desperate, Comcast SportsNet late-night informercials and Ravens Report replays. Why does Ravens Report seem so much more professional and entertaining than Redskins Nation, by the way? Shouldn’t they be identical?

Anyhow, you know who goes to Redbox? Robert Griffin III. Here’s what the quarterback said, when asked by Kevin and Rock how he relaxes after a tough day at the office.

“I usually stay home, just chill out, relax, get a Redbox movie, do anything like that just to make sure I can get away from football,” the quarterback said.

Like, Redbox? Kevin and Rock — who are now doing a show for the NFL Players Association — wondered whether he actually has a Redbox machine in his living room, and why he doesn’t upgrade.

“You can never be too good for a Redbox movie,” Griffin said. “When I go out with the guys, get something to eat, all go to dinner, I pick and choose my times. Because I try to make sure those guys don’t get hassled by people having me there, drawing a lot of attention to them while they’re just trying to get a meal….

“I mean, everybody comes through D.C., so for the most part if you’re a celebrity you CAN go about your business,” he continued. “But there’s just something different about being the quarterback of the Washington Redskins. It comes with its own territory. I realize that. I don’t shy away from it. But if I can stay home and get a meal as opposed to going out and causing a big disturbance, I’ll probably stay home.”

Then Kevin pointed out that some friends of his recently saw Griffin shopping at Kohl’s.

“I go do my shopping, get my groceries just like a normal person,” he confirmed, although hopefully not from Kohl’s. “I don’t shy away from it. If I have to go out and do something, I go out and do it. But if I can just chill out in the house and find things to do here, I’ll usually do that.”

And his first splashy, high-end, post-draft purchase?

“I’m sure I’m gonna sound real boring, but I went and I got me a Tempur-Pedic bed, because I heard they’re the best,” Griffin said.

(Most of the interview was not about football. If you want one football quote, this came when Griffin was asked about his health.

“Man, my body feels good actually,” he said. “You know, I’m not afraid to put my body on my line for my teammates, and hopefully they all feel the same way. Because there’s only one way to play, and that’s to play like every play is your last. And that’s the  mentality I have. I’ll be smart – like I told the fans and my teammates – I’ll be smart throughout the rest of this season and throughout my career when it comes to running, after the mild concussion that I had. But no one’s gonna take the fight out of me, no one’s gonna make me go out there and play with fear. I’ll make sure I try to get up after hit, like I told them, and just keep on trucking.”)