Jonathan Earnst/Reuters

The Nats will have one more season with Davey Johnson, and the 69-year-old has said that this one will be his last as manager.

“This is it for me, boy,” Johnson told the Junkies the other day. “It’s World Series or bust.”

The Nats skipper has goals for his swan song, including spending the offseason getting in better shape. 

“I’ve been at this a long time,” he said on The Sports Fix on ESPN 980. “I don’t want to be in a wheelchair running out there. I want to be able to throw BP and do more than I did last year, so I’ve got to be in a good conditioning program this year. You know, I kind of got a little bit tired at the end of the year. All that standing and all that traveling. But I’m gonna gear up and get in better shape and finish stronger.”

Johnson also mentioned that when he returned to Florida after season’s end, he discovered that his boat had some new tenants. 

“I just went and got my boat,” he said. “Eight months, with all the birds and everything else sitting on it, it didn’t start. I took it up to Sanford, Rick Eckstein’s neck of the woods. I’ve got a good mechanic up there and they cleaned it up. It was filthy. All these cormorants and everything were living in my boat.”

So many questions were left unanswered. How many cormerants were there? And how do you evict a cormorant?  And what else was living in the boat? 

Forget questions about the lineup. I demand bird answers.