Oh, Wizards. Things just don’t seem to be getting much better.

Washington’s pro basketball franchise is now 0-7 this season. Over the last six years, the Wizards have a composite first-seven-games-record of 7-35, for a winning percentage of 0.167. Seasons end before they even begin.

Also, here is the date of the last non-exhibition regular-season victory for some D.C. pro sports franchises.

Redskins: Oct. 14

Nats: Oct. 11

Capitals: May 9

Wizards: April 26

Two of those teams aren’t currently in season. Also, here was Tony Kornheiser on the Wizards, during Wednesday’s episode of PTI.

“The Wizards are a disgrace,” he said. “I watched them [Tuesday] night. They got beat bad by the terrible Bobcats. They got beat bad. Their starting guards, A.J. Price and Bradley Beal, were like 3-for-23. These are NBA starting guards. I can’t believe they charge money to watch this team. They’re awful.”

Also, here is Michael Jenkins’s most recent Wizards highlight package on Comcast SportsNet. He offers the Wizards a virtual hug, mixes in multiple choice questions, and makes at least one fart noise. And we’re not even to December yet.