The Redskins are getting a lot of mileage out of their 80th anniversary celebration. Ruth’s Chris is offering a series of prix-fixe dinners at its various locations, complete with Redskins-specific details. 

From the restaurant’s description of the meal:

We’re proud to celebrate the Redskins’ 80th anniversary with our very special Ruth’s Chris wine dinners. For $85, you can enjoy a 5-course meal perfectly paired with a fine selection of Ruth’s Chris wine. And for something one-of-a-kind, we’re serving the main course with a wine that’s been specially crafted to commemorate this historic Redskins occasion.

The wine they’re referring to is the Redskins Reserve wine, introduced a few months back. I have not had the wine, and therefore cannot attest to how it pairs with a filet. If you’ve had it, feel free to leave your review in the comments. 

The featured dessert is listed on the menu as “Chocolate Covered Strawberries served Redskins style.” Some of you had very entertaining ideas about what “Redskins style” means, such as “overpriced and disappointing” or “strawberries that were good a month ago” or “looks good on the menu, awful on the plate.” 

I called the Ruth’s Chris in Arlington, the location of tonight’s dinner, to ask if any of those explanations were close. Unfortunately, the dish’s description only refers to a Redskins logo in the berry’s chocolate coating. 

As of this posting, there are still reservations available for tonight’s dinner in Arlington. The D.C. and Bethesda locations are on deck if you miss out on all of the Redskins wine and Redskins strawberries.