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Maryland athlete and media alumni on the Big Ten

Many Terp fans and alums are bummed out about the Big Ten news. And many current and former athletes and well-known media members share their sadness.

Perhaps no one went into greater detail on this sadness than Torrey Smith, the Ravens wide receiver. Before the news became (close to) official, Smith penned some thoughts.

“No Friedgen, no Gary, new competition that I can’t relate to,” he wrote. “No more UVA, Duke, NC talk. That’s weird. I still love the campus and the programs we have there, but I feel like if I were a recruit again I would’ve never chose MD because the reasons above are why I went there. Not being able to relate to anything at the school you graduated from is crazy.”

Even more thoughts, from a variety of current and ex Terps, below. Some came over the weekend, and some came on Monday, but most were melancholy.

(Major assist to the Diamondback’s Daniel Gallen.)