I mentioned earlier than the Philly media did not seem very much impressed by the Redskins’ performance on Sunday, so taken were they by the Eagles’ implosion.

You know who really, really was not impressed by the Skins’ victory? Eagles radio voice Merrill Reese. A reader recommended I listen to Reese’s anguished call of the second half, and indeed, the man suffered, greatly. And the fact that a seemingly mediocre Redskins team was on the other end of this beatdown seemed to make him suffer all the more.

Among his screams of pain:

* “It just got worse. It just got worse.”

* “It is 24-6. To a Redskins team that REALLY isn’t very good. What does that tell you about the Eagles?”

* “This is painful. This is ABSOLUTELY painful.”

* [The Redskins are] not a well-oiled unit. They’ve made some big plays, but the Eagles defense, a BREAKDOWN here, a BREAKDOWN there, a mistake in JUDGMENT here, a PHYSICAL mistake there. It’s a MESS! Seven penalties for the Redskins, 35 yards, and they are UP!!! They are AHEAD, 24-6. The Eagles have no touchdowns. ZERO. Two field goals. Two measly field goals.”

* “The third quarter is supposed to be the Eagles quarter. Lately, NO quarters are the Eagles quarters. They are losing, 24-6, to a bad Washington Redskins team.”

* “It’s one thing to lose by a bushel to Atlanta. These are the WASHINGTON REDSKINS. 3-6 before today, same as the Eagles.”

* “The Eagles have not been competitive today. That’s bad. Not just trailing, not just losing, but Not. Being. Competitive. Against a 3-6 team.”

* “[A mess is] not a bad description. At least it’ll do ‘til we get off the air. Once the microphones are off, you can do better.”

* “Over the years we have been here and at RFK and seen so many GREAT games, so many DRAMATIC struggles between the Redskins and the Eagles. This is not one of them. This has been one-sided, between two not very good teams.”

* “This is more than a defeat. It is an EMBARRASSING defeat.”

* “This hurts to say. The Redskins 31, the inept Eagles 6.”

* “I am out of words. That doesn’t often happen, but I am out of words for this football team with a 31-6 shellacking. It’s tough, because we love this football team, as you at home certainly do, but it’s very very painful to watch right now, as they have just been awful.”

* “Once again, the final score, Washington 31, the Eagles 6. For Mike Quick, this is Merrill Reese, thankfully saying goodbye from Landover, Maryland.”

Woof. That’s some suffering.

(Photo of fan Griffining on South Street in Philly via @Palastro24.)