Washington’s blowout win over Philadelphia on Sunday seems to have resonated a bit differently in the two cities. In Washington, people are cautiously (or non-cautiously) optimistic, wondering if this could be the start of a late-season surge.

In Philadelphia, they’re concentrating on how miserable the Eagles are, as signified by their incompetence against the lowly Redskins. With emphasis on taking shots at the lowly Redskins. For example:

Bob Ford: “The bad news, of course, if you really, really want the bad news, is that the Washington Redskins are a pretty awful football team. Not so awful they couldn’t lay a 31-6 pasting on the somnolent Eagles….The Redskins defense is not good at all….Griffin is a quarterback looking for a team.”

Geoff Mosher: “If they can’t compete with the Redskins, who had lost three straight going into the game, who can they beat? The Eagles are the first team this year to fall short of 300 offensive yards and not score at least two touchdowns against a Redskins defense ranked third-worst in the league.”

Rich Hofmann: “The Eagles were mauled Sunday by the six-loss Washington Redskins, 31-6. The truth is that history has recorded neater volcanic eruptions than this mess.”

And so on. History will decide whether the 2012 Redskins are indeed pretty awful. But history already seems to have decided that the Eagles are.



* Jason Reid on RGIII: “Losing streaks, controversy, angry fans — Griffin has proven he’s good enough to help the team overcome most of its problems.”

* Boz on the Eagles: “The Eagles make chaos look organized. The Iggles are toast. Crumble ’em up and use ’em in the stuffing.”

* Feinstein on Maryland’s possible move: “The bottom line on such a deal would be — of course — the bottom line. There’s not a thing wrong with that.”

* Wise on the end of D.C. United’s season: “This team returned the optimism this franchise had misplaced for many of the past five years.”



Gary Williams, on Maryland’s possible move to the Big Ten.

“ I think sometimes people don’t understand, or they forget a little bit, that your ability to run an athletic department is based on selling tickets and raising money and then, with your conference, the amount of money you can earn from the various contracts you have. When you look at the Big Ten, they have done a great job of putting every school in a great situation.”



The winless Wizards host Indiana at 7 on Comcast SportsNet. George Mason faces Quinnipiac at 7:30 on CBS Sports Network. Georgetown has UCLA at 8 on ESPN2. All TV/Radio listings are here.



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