If we’re going to make fun of Eagles fans for being clad in paper bags while watching their team play, we might as well acknowledge that it’s happening to D.C. teams, too.

Ok, we only have one paper bag head sighting at a Wizards game thus far, but he was pretty well documented, making the NBA.com highlight package and multiple photographs. (Via here and here. Thanks to @recordsANDradio.)

“The Washington Wizards remain winless, possibly hopeless, as the fans start to revolt,” read the Yahoo! headline, and I guess a paper-bag head fits into that narrative.

If you slept through the weekend, you may have missed that the big story involved fans cheering for free chicken sandwiches late in the fourth quarter of an eighth-straight loss.

“The night ended with another demoralizing loss that turned awkward and surreal in the final minute — when the home crowd started cheering wildly for a chicken sandwich giveaway,” the AP’s Joseph White wrote.

“Former coach Flip Saunders mistakenly lauded the fans for staying with the team even though they were only after the chicken sandwich promotion,” the Examiner’s Craig Stouffer noted. “This season’s Wizards weren’t supposed to be like Saunders’ teams of the past two years. Saturday’s out-of-place ovation was a sign that they’re not that far removed.”

“Marvin Williams missed two free throws late in the fourth quarter, which meant that fans could swap their tickets for sandwiches at Chick-fil-A,” Michael Lee added. “Too busy cheering, they didn’t even notice — or care — that the Wizards were unable to corral the rebound of the second miss.”

Here’s an image of the festivities, via @PRobbio, who called it the highlight of the season to date. And I didn’t hear this, but one fan reported that Utah’s radio announcer used the chicken giveaway as a gateway to this: “They should be giving away free paper bags.” See, it all comes together.