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RGIII makes Cullen Jenkins feel like ‘a fool’

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
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See that little bit of yellow above? That’s a penalty flag. It hit the ground before RGIII heaved the ball nearly 70 yards in the second half on Sunday, a hopeful bit of thinking that somehow resulted in an improbable Santana Moss touchdown catch.

Many of us saw the flag and figured it was a holding call, and that the touchdown wouldn’t count. So did Eagles defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins. So while Robert Griffin III celebrated the potential touchdown, Jenkins did a bit of a jig.

“Griffin went to celebrate, and the flag was on the ground,” Jenkins later said, via CSN Philly. “He turned back and looked at the flag, and I saw him grabbing his helmet and getting frustrated or whatever. I thought he was getting mad because it was a hold call. Just trying to have a little fun when I’m out there. I was trying to taunt him a little bit or, I guess, mess with him.”

“I didn’t know there was a penalty until after I celebrated,” Griffin said during his press conference. “He knew there was a penalty, so he knocked my celebration.”

Turned out the penalty was against the Eagles. The touchdown stood. And RGIII did a jig right back in front of Jenkins.

“I ended up looking like a fool,” Jenkins admitted. “I told him, too, at the end. I was like I feel like such an [idiot] right now. He just started laughing, laughing at me. He was like, you’re silly. Yeah, I felt pretty stupid after that.”

“We had a nice discussion about that on the field,” Griffin said. “It really was nice, honestly. No trash talking. He just said he felt like an idiot after that. It’s good to see guys out there having fun.”