By Jonathan Newton/TWP.

Late in the first half of Sunday’s game, with his team trailing just 14-3, Andy Reid called a timeout after an unsuccessful Redskins third-down play, ensuring that his team would get the ball back.

There were 44 seconds left at the time, and Washington was near midfield. The Philadelphia offense had been miserable for 30 40 minutes. Nick Foles already had thrown two picks. But Reid wanted another chance.

“Why would he call a timeout?” Sonny Jurgensen asked on the Redskins Radio Network, heard locally on ESPN 980.

“Get the ball back, down by 11 points?” Larry Michael answered.

“Why does he want to get the ball back?” Jurgensen asked. “What have they done with it?”

“They could give it back to us, you know,” Michael suggested. “Maybe a pick for us.”

“I mean, why would you?” Jurgensen asked again. “You want your offense back out there? I don’t know why.”

“Yeah, I’d go back and regroup,” Michael agreed. “You’re right, Sonny, what good does this do you here?”

“You’ve got 36 seconds to go the length of the field, and your quarterback’s got a 32 quarterback rating,” Jurgensen said. “With more seconds, gives you more opportunities to make a mistake. You run a draw play, and get in the locker room.”

The Eagles ran a play. McCoy fumbled.

“Yeah, how do you like it so far?” Jurgensen cackled. “Nowwwww how do you like it, taking those extra seconds?”

The Redskins wound up with a short field goal. They went into the locker room with a two-touchdown lead. Jurgensen sounded a lot happier than Reid looked.