1985 photo by Gary A. Cameron/The Washington Post

Many of the folks we’ve quoted supporting Maryland’s decision to change conferences — Kevin Plank, Johnny Holliday, Scott Van Pelt, Gary Williams, all the current coaches — are either Maryland employees or Maryland boosters, and thus have some sort of vested interest in getting along with the administration.

And so some readers have asked for more comments from well-known Terps who are less closely tied to the current administration. For them, I present Adrian Branch. The Maryland and DeMatha great (and current ESPN college basketball analyst) was on the SportsCenterU studio show on ESPNU Monday evening, during halftime of the Indiana-Georgia game.And Branch had some impassioned thoughts.

“I’m in mourning right now,” he said, via an ESPN transcript. “I’m missing the tradition and history and pride and what I shared as an ACC player. That’s been my identity as a basketball player.

“To me, it’s been a football conference. And guess what? Football still rules the day. When you’re able to get $24 million for [athletic] programs — you’ve lost seven programs — I hear all the conversation that the Maryland officials are talking about.

“I’m not listening to that [stuff],” he continued. “Deep down in my heart right now, man, I’m heartbroken. But money rules the day.”

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