Courtesy of 4th and Pain


Adam Carriker, the huge wrestling fan that he is, obtained an official WWE championship belt at the start of the season, with the intentions of giving it to a Redskins player of the week for his “4th and Pain” radio show with Chuck Carroll. Previous belt winners have included Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris (two-time winner), Ryan Kerrigan (two-time winner), Lorenzo Alexander and Tyler Polumbus. Each week’s honoree gets to keep the belt for a week to do as he pleases. Rumor has it that Kerrigan wore his to the grocery store. 

Clearly the idea has been to honor studs other than Robert Griffin III, but the quarterback’s performance this week made them think twice about the policy. Carroll presented the belt to Griffin today, and recorded the event for posterity.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do with the belt,” Griffin says in the video. “But it will definitely be something special.”

Also, the picture above and this YouTube video are probably the first actual look at the rookie’s locker at Redskins Park, super hero figurines and all.