By Patrick Semansky/Associated Press.


You know who doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the latest in college realignment? Tim Brando.

The longtime sports commentator was on Paul Finebaum’s radio program on Monday, and a caller asked about Florida State and Clemson possibly going to the SEC. Brando used the moment as occasion to ignore the question and slam everyone involved in the ACC-Big Ten transaction, especially those who wear suits.

“They’re too busy worrying about their next $8.6 billion deal and their next big market breakthrough for their cable networks to be concerned with the betterment of the game,” he said. “All those commissioners care about is their own cash flow.

“And what has happened here with the Big Ten going and getting a charter member of the ACC, well enjoy those new ugly uniforms in the Big Ten, Maryland. Enjoy them. I’m sure you’ll do fine. And I know Mr. Under Armour is bankrolling this $50 million exit fee from the ACC. Go get you some. Enjoy it. [Note: All parties have said that this is not actually the case. But whatever.]

“And as for Rutgers, you know what, you couldn’t win the Big East and you’re not gonna win the Big Ten. Wait a minute, the Big Ten IS weak enough now, Rutgers probably COULD compete for a Big Ten title.

“This is again what’s wrong with what’s taking place in intercollegiate athletics. The priorities are completely screwed up. Someone should be looking out for the betterment of the totality of the game of football, the financial bell cow of their beloved intercollegiate athletics, home to all of their student athletes.

“Instead, they’re in the business of trying to clear markets for regional cable networks and get their financial landscape and footprint out to a different market. It’s just obscene what’s taking place here. One minute they’re shaking hands and talking about what’s great about the sport itself, and then as soon as they get through shaking hands, they go and raid one another’s leagues. It’s situational ethics at its height, at its absolute height.”