By Jonathan Newton – TWP.

Earlier this year, Robert Griffin III was the victim of an extortion plot when Richard Hurd threatened to release damaging information about the quarterback. Hurd pled guilty in September for “threatening to injure the reputation of another person” and “receiving the proceeds of extortion,” and will be sentenced today in Waco.

RGIII held a conference call with Dallas media in advance of tomorrow’s game, and had this to say when asked about the situation.

“Whenever you have situations like that, you come into a lot of money, anything like that, people are going to try to bring you down, try to tarnish your image and things of that nature,” Griffin said. “It was unfortunate. … I know who he is. He’s my fiancée’s ex-boyfriend. People do things like that when they’re angry at you, or for whatever reason it is. To me, it’s just extremely unfortunate and you just got to move on from it. That’s what I’ve done, I’ve moved on from it. It’s not anything that I’m afraid of. It’s just sad.”

It’s a pretty big coincidence that Hurd’s sentencing falls the day before the Redskins play in Dallas. We have yet to learn what that damaging information was, or if there was even any information to begin with.