Sad Wittman photo by the amazing Joe Glorioso.

Last week, Tony Kornheiser called the Wizards a disgrace. Perhaps the most damning thing about his statement, is that the normally anti-TK commenters has no choice but to agree with him. 

Kornheiser took aim again, this time on the Tony Kornheiser Show, and focused in on team owner Ted Leonsis.

“Where’s the owner? Where’s Ted Leonsis? I don’t know where he is. Here’s what I know about Ted Leonsis. His other team’s not playing, so he doesn’t have to worry about being responsible for explaining why they’re choking. He doesn’t have to be because they’re not actually playing at the moment. He’s gotta come out at some point, it would seem to me. He’s long overdue. They’re 0-9, nobody else has won fewer than two games in the league. Even teams that you would say are worse than the Wizards. I don’t think he’s said word one”

“Blogging,” he continued when Gene Wojciechowski brought up Ted’s Take. “How’s his blog working out? What’s his take on his GM, his coach and his roster, and what is his take on the fact that he hasn’t lowered the ticket prices yet, to my knowledge. Where’s the owner on this? Blogging?”

Clearly Kornheiser is underestimating the power of pixels. If Kornheiser wants actual words from Leonsis, he can pick from this list that was supplied to the media in September. Insert a “Thank you; you were nice to ask; but I will keep my thoughts to myself on that one,” here. 

Anyway, if the Wizards are such a disgrace, then why watch? 

“I watch it because I’m into self-flagellation,” said Kornheiser. “I watch and I get tortured by this.”