Mike Shanahan still didn’t smile much, but he spoke effusively about Robert Griffin III after Thursday’s win in Dallas.

“You know, he’s kind of like Cool Hand Luke,” Shanahan said. “He doesn’t get too upset about anything. He just handles himself, and goes about his business, and works extremely hard to prepare for a game. And he knows how to avoid distractions, because he focuses on his job, and doesn’t seem to let anything bother him. And that’s why he has the success that he has, because he is very disciplined, and very determined, and he works at it.”

“Coach said you’re just like Cool Hand Luke,” a reporter told Griffin moments later. “Do you know who Cool Hand Luke is?”

“He must be pretty cool,” Griffin answered, prompting hearty laughter from both him and his interlocutors. “That was good, yeah,” Griffin said, as the laughter continued. “I don’t know who that is,” he finally said.

That’s ok. John Wall doesn’t know who Bon Jovi is.