Because he’s a nice man who wants you to be happy, Jerry Jones squirted several pounds of glorious whipped topping onto the sweet potato pie that was Washington’s Thanksgiving win with a series of amazing post-game quotes.

The Cowboys’ owner and personnel whiz talked for quite a while on Thursday night, so I culled his various comments from an video, a 105.3 The Fan radio file, a Fort Worth Star-Telegram blog post, and a USA Today item. Jones’s general theme was of sadness and anxiety and awe.

* “Really I was in awe,” Jones said “I was very disappointed, but I was in awe of RGIII. The plays that he was making — they made some great catches, they made some great plays. It was unbelievable the plays they were making.”

* “Now, if I didn’t see at least three plays by that quarterback that were about as rare as anything I’ve seen – him make those plays that he made, both from the presence of mind of getting the ball out and the catches they made to make it go, to me, you certainly see how that [second quarter] happened.

* “There are a lot of Redskins that will have me sad tonight, and I mean the way they played. Hat’s off to them.”

* “I really have got to give kudos to the Redskins, Coach Shanahan, RGIII. That was as hot a hand in that first half, those plays that he made, the way that he played quarterback out there….I do want to give them a lot of credit. And anybody that watched that can see that RGIII was a huge difference-maker out there. That’s not an excuse; we just didn’t play well enough in light of how he played.”

* “I have to almost pinch myself to realize that he was out here playing against Texas Tech about a year ago, and here he is really doing a number on us. And he did that.”

* “We’ve got to play better, and we’ve got to play this team again, too. And we’ll be playing them at their home, and that’s gonna be quite a challenge.”

* “The injuries are not what our issue was tonight. Our issue was we played a hot hand.”

* “I just think that hopefully we don’t have to play RG3 but one more time. I’d hate to think we’d have to line up against him five or six more times. I’m not trying to be funny….On at least two of those throws, I don’t know how you could cover them any better, and there might have been as many as five or six of them.”

Almost makes you want to give the guy a hug. For more, read the full Star-Telegram and USA Today items. The Dallas Morning News’s Tim Cowlishaw also summed up the situation fairly well.

“The nightmare did not end Thursday,” he wrote. “It was just the beginning. The Cowboys will see Griffin again in the season climax Dec. 30. And twice next year. And twice again each season as long as Griffin is blessed with good health and as long as the Redskins don’t do anything crazy.”