It’s one thing to listen to D.C. sports-radio hosts rave about Robert Griffin III. It’s quite another to hear Dallas sports-radio hosts say things like this.

“Robert Griffin III is the best quarterback prospect that I’ve ever seen,” a Dallas host says about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the video below. “Now, I’m 31. Best quarterback prospect. He has everything. Fast, accurate, poised, smart, clutch, charismatic, tough, taking shots. He has everything. And it’s gonna suck for everybody else. That’s how perfect he is. Best quarterback prospect that I’ve ever seen.”

Okay, okay, he’s 31, and likely not a professional talent evaluator. But there’s dread there.

The entire package of audio below, featuring Dallas sports-talk from last Friday, will be enjoyable for Redskins fans. But the real highlight comes about a minute in, when a host describes the scene outside Cowboys Stadium on Thanksgiving.

“You would actually think for a second you were at FedEx Field instead of Cowboys Stadium,” she says, and then plays audio from Thursday’s scene.

“Hold on real quick, wait a minute Cowboys fans, whose house is this?” she asks the crowd.

“RGIII! RGIII!” the crowd responds.

“You guys seriously, there was probably 30 RGIII, decked-out, headdresses, face painted, Hogettes in front of me,” she then says. “RGIII, RGIIII, this is the Redskins’ house. In a sea of Cowboys fans that are just lethargic, they’re just sitting there. It was disgusting.”

Also this.

“How does Pierre Garcon, who’s got a freakin toe that is hanging off, how does he run away from defenders?” another host asks. “He has NO TOE. He runs away. HE RUNS AWAY FROM DEFENSIVE PLAYERS who are like 4.3 guys. Apparently he doesn’t need a toe.”

Oh, misery.

(RGTree via @JA_DiTata)