I was in a bar two blocks from Verizon Center during most of Saturday’s Wizards-Bobcats game. There were nine TVs in the bar. None were tuned to the Wizards. I asked the bartender if we could get one on the game. Then I apologized. Didn’t want to hurt business.

I guess some people might be averting their eyes, at least temporarily. Others have suggested that the Wizards are actually must-watch right now, so dramatic has been their push for a first win, with an overtime heart-breaker in Atlanta and then a double-overtime heart-stomper on Saturday.

Regardless, since this is becoming a tradition, here — for the third straight home game — are Wizards fans wearing bags over their heads.

Only one spotted at the arena, but even home bags are a signifier of something. Especially when they have a #FireGrunfeld hashtag. Even if it’s backwards.

(By the way, if you want a pretty good deal to see the Spurs, check out this Craisglist ad.

“I guarantee a Wizards win tonight!” the seller writes. “I am selling my two Wizards tickets tonight at $20 each. If the Wizards do not beat the Spurs, I will refund your money.)

And even members of the Wizards sometimes can’t bear to look. Here, for example, please find John Wall, hiding behind Kevin Seraphin as Chris Singleton attempted to extend the game beyond overtime.

Double overtime proved just as terrifying, though, as shown by this young fan. You have no idea how this experience will manifest itself in this chap 20 years from now. Probably won’t be a positive, though.

And finally, there’s this image of Randy Wittman. I don’t know what game it comes from — it wasn’t Saturday — but it sure says more than words possibly could. It’s taken from the below video, of CSN’s Michael Jenkins again clowning on the poor, poor home team.

(Images via @jddeardourff, @jonathan_levin@mikepradasbn and  @primetimereds. Craigslist ad via @TimLyden.)