While idly gazing at A1 of The Washington Post Friday morning and seeing Robert Griffin III’s mug yet again, I got to wondering: just how many times has this kid’s face been on the front page of this here newspaper?

So Monday morning, I got to counting. I made it to 15. In the past seven months. That’s a lot of times for one athlete.

Will Griffin land on A1 of The Post more than any other athlete in any other year in world history? Will he retire with the career record for A1 images? I have no idea how to check either of those propositions. I have no idea who would be the current leaders in single-season or career WaPo A1 images.

But I have to imagine it’s a pretty small list of people who have done this 15 times in seven months.

And now, here they are. Consider this a preview to the inevitable Washington Post Robert Griffin III book. Or Volume I of the Washington Post Robert Griffin III Collectors Library, anyhow.