Dave Sheinin’s latest excellent look Robert Griffin III’s rookie season included the 48 hours after Washington’s Thanksgiving win, culminating in Baylor’s victory over Texas Tech on the same field.

Quoting Sheinin:

Griffin stayed outside the Baylor locker room as [Coach Art] Briles gave the players his final pep talk, then stood at the door as they emerged, slapping high-fives with each one, saying: “C’mon! Time to go to work! I love you guys!”


It was a typical Baylor shootout — the kind Griffin had trademarked a year ago — with the scores climbing into the 40s, and Griffin watched most of it while seated on an equipment trunk behind the bench, with [his fiancee] by his side. Only a few times did he venture toward the bench or the sideline to provide some encouragement.


But as the minutes ticked down, Griffin stood on the trunk and motioned with his arms for the fans to get loud. In overtime, with Baylor up 52-45 and its defense facing a fourth and five to clinch the win, Griffin crept up toward the sideline. And when Texas Tech’s last-chance pass fell incomplete, he sprinted out toward midfield to join the celebration.

Indeed he did. The Baylor athletic department’s weekly 30-minute sports show (find it here) included several video clips of RGIII storming the field, jumping around with his ex-teammates, joining their postgame huddle, and generally acting like a happy college kid.

“The great thing about Robert is he’s a teammate, he’s a guy we love and trust,” Briles said, via the Dallas Morning News. “What we had was a family member that wanted to see us win and was happy to be around us.”