Last season, the Wizards — led by JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche, Nick Young and friends — were a national punchline. They were so much of a punchline that the TNT studio crew compared them to the Washington Generals, with Kenny Smith and friends whistling along to the Globetrotters’ theme song during Wiz highlights.

“I’m just waiting for the bucket with the confetti to come out one night, man,” Kenny Smith said then. “I just cannot wait for that night.”

“Hey, every time I see them play, I’ve been looking for Meadowlark Lemon, Charles Barkely said. “Meadowlark Lemon is the greatest guy in the world. He couldn’t go out there with them. Curly Neal’s a good dude. Meadowlark Lemon, please come out of the stands one day and play with the Wizards.”

Since then, the Wizards cleaned house, and brought in sturdy veterans, and closed last season with a nice winning streak, and opened this one by losing 12 straight. And now here are the TNT guys again — both at halftime of their game, and then after their game — putting that same Globetrotters theme song over the highlights of this same Wizards team.

“Can I start playing music Ernie?” Smith asked.

“Uh, go for it,” Ernie Johnson said, and there was that accursed tune, the cheery funeral march of another lost season.

“C’mon man,” Barkley said. “The Washington Generals. C’mon. You want to call them, Bullets, Wizards. I call ‘em the Washington Generals….Hey, that’s my man Meadowlark Lemon out there. C’mon man.”

The segment ended with yet another recitation of Globetrotter greats, plus several more choruses of “C’mon man.”

“Spurs have beaten the Wiz 12 straight,” Johnson noted.

“SO HAS EVERYBODY,” Barkley said.

C’mon man.

(Video via Reader Danny. John Wall image via @chris_worthy. Bless you all for caring.)