By Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post.


During halftime of the TNT NBA broadcast on Monday night, the studio crew mocked the Wizards, with the help of the Harlem Globetrotters’ theme song. Watch that clip here.

But during the postgame show — after the Wizards were officially 0-12 — things got even worse. This is high-level, no-regard, no-apologies national ridicule. I don’t know that it’s necessarily deserved — I think last year’s Wizards team was easily more ridiculous — but this is happening now.

Yet again, Kenny Smith and Shaq collaborated to sing Sweet Georgia Brown, while Charles Barkley called out the names of Globetrotter greats.

“Here comes the pail of water!” Smith said at one point. “Here comes that pail of water coming out in the second half! Is it water or is it confetti? Is it water or confetti? Here it comes out now.”

“I call them the Wizards, the Bullets, the Generals, whatever,” Barkley said.

“They had the same uniforms back then that they have now. Against the Globetrotters, them the same uniforms,” Smith said.

“You think they still play like three games on the weekend?” Barkley asked.

“Don’t put the ball in your shirt!” Smith said.

“Hey, what’s your boy, Steve Buckhantz?” Barkley asked. “Steve Buckhantz, we’re gonna get you hazard pay. You and Phil Chenier. C’mon man. It’s hard to lose 12 games in a row. C’mon man. You know, I ain’t seen Robin Ficker down there. He don’t even go to the games any more, that’s how bad they are. Robin Ficker ain’t behind the bench talking.”

“Bring back Gheorghe Muresan,” someone said.

“Spurs, by the way, with 69 bench points,” Johnson said.

“69 bench points? That probably beat the Generals, I mean the Wizards,” Smith said.

“The Wiz hope things get better Wednesday when they host the Portland Trailblazers,” Johnson said.

“Portland gonna look like the ’86 Bulls to them,” Barkley said.

Now, the ’86 Bulls were no good. But I think everyone knew what he meant.

As for Buckhantz, he’s holding steady.

“We talked about how frustrating this is for everybody involved,” the longtime play-by-play man said on Comcast SportsNet after the game. “Players, coaches, owners, fans, broadcasters. For Randy Wittman, you just have to feel for the guy….You have to think that the next game might be the game you win….The next game will be Portland Wednesday night. That would be the game they have to try to come out here and win.”

(Watch the TNT segment here.)