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It’s tough when you’re in the media and you publicly admit you’re a fan of the team you cover. Danny Rouhier of 106.7 The Fan is one such media member, and his fandom made him a little emotional this morning, leading to a verbal assault on Andray Blatche

Some fans of the Holden and Danny Show (such as this guy, this guy, or this guy) would say Blatche deserved it, while others (see here, here, and here) think that Rouhier took it too far. When the radio duo opened the lines to callers after the Blatche interview, the responses were as entertaining and varied as you’d expect.

Anthony in Warrenton
“I just wanted to say, I’m a big fan of both of you guys. I love both of ya’ll to death, I listen every day. But I was kind of surprised at the unprofessionalism of the interview. Now, I will admit that I didn’t hear the whole interview. I came in at the last twelve minutes. But it seems to me, and I’m going to point this directly towards Danny, that his whole fanboy attitude was fueling the interview more than his professionalism.”

Kevin in Fort Washington
“[Blatche has] got to take responsibility for everything he did. You just can’t keep shoving it on someone else. I know there’s two sides to every story, but accept what you done. I accept some of the things that the Wizards do in the organization that is not right, because here’s the thing: When they were talking about bringing guns in the locker room, they must have felt comfortable enough to do that and know that there would be no retaliation from the front office. You know, it’s a two-sided story. I wish he would have stepped up more and accepted more responsibility for himself, because he’s a grown man now. Sometimes you have to come out of that shell from being a boy to a man.”

Jonathan in Fairfax
“Hey, Danny was spot on. I’ll give Andray maybe a pass for his first year in the league, maybe his second year. But when Ernie gave him that interesting extension off the broken foot, he needed to step up. So, clearly the Wizards were valuing him as the franchise savior, the Moses of the team, and frankly he didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do that.”

Robert in D.C.
“First of all, I appreciate the interview that ya’ll did with him, for the simple fact that you all are men. And what you was saying is, there was some feelings involved, but they were very well understandable. What Andray Blatche represents in D.C. is what we’re so fed up with. How many times we done seen athletes in this city get paid money that don’t step up to the plate? How many times we done watched organizations in D.C. give these guys money, and it’s almost like they robbing ‘em without a gun. I mean, Haynesworth did it. Andray Blatche failed to tell you guys that he was in the club damn near every night. I have pictures of him with my daughters and their friends. He loved the clubs, he loved the nightlife. Now, I’m going to ask ya’ll one question. I have a job, man, and I have to be at my job at 7 in the morning. I get off at 3:30. How in the world am I gonna be in the club ‘til 4 and be at my job at 7 at the best I can be if I’m in the club at night?”

Andre in D.C.
“That was like kicking a puppy, though. My man is mentally challenged. Ya’ll two geniuses beating up on a less fortunate, mentally-challenged individual. I thought he was a little disrespectful. Talking about ‘good riddance,’ I thought that was kinda disrespectful, in my opinion. But, you know, I don’t know. I love Dray. He always showed me love in the club.”


You can listen to the interview below: