One of the worst nights in Wizards fandom for, I dunno, several weeks at least, was made even worse by the involvement of Andray Blatche.

Yes, that Andray Blatche. The same one the Wizards offered millions to simply go away. The same one they paid to leave, in what Michael Lee called “a move that will solidify the Wizards’ desires to completely separate from an embarrassing period in franchise history.”

Well, Blatche is gone but not forgotten. And he evidently has no desire to make this terrible start easy on Wiz fans.

“Anybody seen how the Wizards are doing?” the forward asked reporters in Brooklyn Monday night, before Washington’s 12th straight loss.

This, of course, led to a outpouring of disgust directed from Wizards fan to Blatche, via his Twitter page. And, after the Nets won again to run their record to 9-4 — 8.5 games clear of Washington — Blatche responded.

With what? Who knows. Just know this: When Andray Blatche is publicly mocking your franchise, it hasn’t been a good month.

At least one Wizards fan offered some praise for Blatche; “lol wiz fans r funny more concern with me then there players lol,” he wrote.

A few days prior, someone else had written to Blatche on Twitter, asking “Do you know any NBA teams that are 0-10?”

“lol sure do I wonder if its my fault still lol,” Blatche responded.

And yes. All the LOLs. All of them.



* The Wizards game story. Lee on Ted Leonsis: “Stone-faced as he looked on until the bitter end….He trailed the players as they headed through the tunnel, walking off the court to a chorus of boos.”

* Forget Chris Cooley and Fred Davis; Logan Paulsen and Niles Paul are producing like crazy.

* Wise on Sean Taylor, five years after his death.

* University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh on the move to the Big Ten: “I believe this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. If we don’t join now, I don’t think Maryland will ever join in my lifetime.”



Martell Webster on the Spurs, via Truth About It.

“I don’t know what to say about their performance. I think it comes down to us. We’re all embarrassed, plain and simple….All-around effort was not up to par. We have to be better. There’s no excuses, nothing I can say. Really, guys continued to play hard. That’s a positive thing, that guys continued to play hard. But overall, it was embarrassing.”



Hey, it’s the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. No irony there. Virginia Tech hosts Iowa at 7:15 on ESPNU. Maryland, ahem, goes to Northwestern at 9:15 on ESPN2. All TV/Radio listings are here.



By Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post.

Even more people who cannot bear to watch the Wizards right now.



Here’s something less depressing. It’s Redskins fans streaming out of Cowboys Stadium while chanting “RGIII.” It’s via Reader Dan, who was at the game.



In a GIF that sums up the season thus far, the Wizards fail to convert a 3-on-1 break when Trevor Ariza dribbles into the back of Bradley Beal and then misses a layup. (via DC Sports Nexus)


HOLLINGER ON THE WIZ’s John Hollinger explored how the Bobcats have gotten so much better in 2012 while the Wizards haven’t. It’s for Insiders, but here’s the key passage: “Washington’s front office succumbed for a second time in four years to the lure of quick-fix, high-cost rebuilding, and it’s again failing miserably. Charlotte’s more patient approach, in contrast, has stamped it as one of the biggest early-season surprises in recent annals.”



There’s a panel on the 2012 Nats and Orioles season Wednesday evening at the University of Maryland, featuring Boz, Thom Loverro, Tim Kurkjian, Jane Leavy, Kevin Blackistone and Eduardo Encino.

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