The Redskins are 5-6 for the sixth time in the past 12 years. That’s consistency. And yet fans right now are clearly more optimistic about the future and happier about the present than they’ve been in years.

Why? Well, Washington is coming off two straight impressive NFC East wins. The rest of the division is mostly stinky, so a playoff berth seems within reach. Several of the team’s key contributors are rookies or second-year players. Also, the quarterback kid seems pretty good, I guess, and maybe people like him a little bit.

But I’m pretty sure another reason people are happier is because the Redskins are scoring points by the bushel, and D.C. fans love offense. Everyone says they’re just as happy with a 6-3 win as they are with a 45-42 shootout, and maybe that’s true. But I feel like a lot of Skins fans feel better after a 45-42 loss than they would after a 6-3 snoozer.

To that point, here’s a chart that shows how many times the Redskins have reached 28 points in a season since Joe Gibbs’s first retirement. You’ll notice they’ve already hit that mark six times this year, tied for the most of any season in two decades. And they have five games left!

In 1992, Joe Gibbs’s first-last season, the Redskins hit the 28-point mark three times. In 1991, the Bandwagon year, they got there eight times. I’d say that total is in jeopardy.

The Skins are currently on pace for 429 points. They’ve only topped 400 regular-season points four times in franchise history: in 1999 (443), 1991 (485), 1984 (426) and 1983 (541). All three four seasons ended with playoff berths.