“Jon Gruden raves about” is a headline that could work for most of Jon Gruden’s life experiences. “Jon Gruden raves about the Pro Bowl.” “Jon Gruden raves about salt-free peanuts.” “Jon Gruden raves about Karl Rove’s election forecast.” “Jon Gruden raves about the Wizards.” And so on and so forth.

Still and all, Jon Gruden will be a prominent voice during Monday’s ESPN Redskins-Giants broadcast, so here’s a flavor of what he’s thinking about Robert Griffin III.

“I’m seeing an offense that I’ve never seen before in pro football,” he said on ESPN Radio’s Mikes program. “This is much like RGIII at Baylor. You’re gonna see incredible formations, a commitment to RGIII and the option. They have a wicked play-action passing attack. And if everything breaks down, RGIII can still make a play.

“He’s been unbelievable,” Gruden continued. “He’s got the Washington Redskins on his back. And after they lost to Carolina, there was a lot of doom and gloom in Washington. But after beating Philadelphia and then going to Dallas and winning on a short week, there’s a lot of optimism, and it all starts with No. 10.

“This is an electrifying quarterback,” he concluded. “I’ve never seen speed at the quarterback position like I’m seeing.”

So he likes him.

Also, here’s LaVar Arrington doing his Gruden impression.

Also also, here’s Bill Barnwell making the case for Griffin as offensive rookie of the year: “To an extent that I don’t think people realize, Robert Griffin’s numbers as a quarterback — of any vintage — are ridiculous. Compared to Luck statistically, Griffin looks like an entirely different player.”