(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)


The Redskins’ locker room is a unified one, except when it come to the music being played before and after practice. The far end of the room, where the offensive line is situated, tends to favor country and rock, while hip hop and rap are the usual choices blaring from the corner where the defensive backs hang out. Sometimes you’ll hear both simultaneously, with a bit of a volume battle going on.

During a recent open locker room, Kendrick Lamar’s music was playing at full blast. While most of us media folks don’t generally care what they play, the explicit lyrics made it difficult for television and radio reporters to get usable video and audio during the media session. Pierre Garcon decided it was time for a change, so when we walked into the locker room today, the reporters were greeted with Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” which was immediately followed by “Bad,” “Beat It,” and a string of others. It was an all-MJ playlist.

“I think the other kind of tunes that were in the locker room, the language was not the best,” Garcon laughed, trying to find a delicate way to put it. “But Michael Jackson is good all around. Everybody likes it, from young guys to older guys and everybody can relate to it. It’s feel-good music. You know, guys enjoy it and remember the days the heard those songs, and the dances and the videos. It’s all-around good music.”

While the music post-practice will continue to vary, Garcon hopes that the team will get on board with a universal choice for media sessions. 

“I think that’s the one thing that everybody agreed on,” he said of his teammates’ decision to let Garcon play D.J. today. “The offensive line, they had their music on down there. I think the DBs like a little more hip hop. I think everyone came together on Michael Jackson, and that’s the impact he had on this world, I guess.”

 If you agree, enjoy the video below: